1. What is a Safaricom Service PIN?

The Safaricom Service PIN is a new authentication mode implemented to simplify and standardize Pin for various services. The Service PIN can be easily reset if a user forgets it. Previously this has not been possible for other PINs such as Bonga Pin.

2. How will I set a Service PIN?

Once you receive a payment request from M-Pesa kindly follow the steps below to set up a Service PIN (in case you don’t have a service PIN yet!):

  1. Enter 0. You will receive a USSD prompt “Enter National ID”;
  2. Enter national ID. After the national ID is validated, you will be allowed to set a Service PIN;
  3. Set your preferred PIN and confirm it. After a Service PIN is set up, you will receive a prompt: “You have successfully set your service PIN. Please wait for confirmation message. 1. Continue 2. Exit”;
  4. Choose 1 to Continue;
  5. Follow the instructions from Safaricom. Enter the Service PIN and pay for the credits.

3. How long does it take to process a payment transaction via M-Pesa?

Transactions are real time and both you and the service provider will receive a confirmation SMS right away to confirm that the transaction has been processed. Still kindly note that sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes to complete the transaction.

4. I haven't received a USSD push. What should I do?

It may be a result of the Safaricom network being down and M-PESA not functioning. Kindly try to buy the credits once again later or call 234 for more information and assistance.

5. What happens if I do not get an SMS from M-PESA confirming the transaction?

This could be as a result of the following:

  • Your inbox is full, so delete some messages;
  • You have diverted messages to screened messages, check the Screened Messages Inbox. If the messages are there, remove M-PESA from the Screened numbers list;
  • The Safaricom network is down. As M-PESA relies on SMS messages, if the Safaricom SMS service is down, M-PESA will not function.

On occasion there is a delay in receiving your SMS from M-PESA for more than 20 minutes and none of the above works, call the customer service line 234 who will advise on the status of your transaction on the M-PESA system.

6. What do I do in case of a wrong transfer?

Wrong transfers are reversible on the M-PESA system, upon rigorous vetting of the sender and recipient and if the money has not yet been cashed or withdrawn. If you make an incorrect transaction, please call 234 for assistance.

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